There’s is an upsurge in the standard setting but broke ass girls in the streets. Girls who have set the bar for their peers so high that they themselves are struggling to keep tabs with. Unnecessary social pressure on the girl child.
These are girls who will demand Uber rides for dates to and fro. They are of the bandwagon that sayeth ‘me I can’t panda a matatu ‘ . Probably they can’t because they can’t afford the fare. Or they don’t know their way around these streets and are afraid to admit that bare minimum. Once they get to these dates they order meals they can’t even pronounce let alone prepare. You should see how much they struggle with the forks and knives and serviettes and/or napkins. Girl, your nature is as visible as your naivety .Stop embarrassing yourself and stick to your damn lane.
These girls walk in cliques characterized by fellow blondes. Don’t they say birds of a feather flock together? One is the ringleader and is usually the noisiset and ugliest. You have to seek validation from her before shooting your shot at her hotter friends. Then there are disciples; those who heed to her gospel like matatus to Michuki rules. If she says ‘twende tumkunywe tuhepe’ the whole herd of slayqueen tows the line. The fact is these girls are broke as fuck and are trying to take advantage of the bandwagon and Instagram groupies. This is the part Tupac sang ‘Fuck you and the clique you claim ‘…you claim to be a bomb ass and you ain’t shit.

You’d think Mia Khalifa is walking these streets by the way they overate their sex game on Instagram and WhatsApp statuses. You will only be surprised at how whack it actually is. Typical mende kufas. This is partly contributed to by the number of guys they are sleeping with ; they are ever exhausted from the rigours of sponsor and one night stands. Their mastery of bedroom(not limited to) affairs is as lame as Willy Paul’s lyrics in any of his songs.Yet their ego and braggadocio can only be matched by Floyd Mayweather. They are spent cartridges and worn out tyres. One moment, you’re trying your luck then one of your buddies asks you ‘Mbona unabuy gazeti jioni brathee??…..

We won’t allow these wannabes to destroy the good girls in the streets. People whose beauty we can wipe off with wet wipes. Beautiful from far yet far from beautiful. You’d struggle to decipher them with and without make up. Not to mention filters. If it rains they are doomed. No we won’t allow you to establish dominance. If your beauty is enhanced with wigs , twenty storey building foundations, eye shadows or whatever , sit down and be humble.
What’s even more appalling is the fact that there are men who still condone these women. They lick the ground these girls trample on and kiss their asses. They massage their ego. They are weak men. A man ought to have established dominance and this earns you a woman’s respect.Bruh, be ashamed; don’t lick these wannabes.
You got to choose a struggle girl. Don’t be broke, dumb and not good looking. Don’t be a combination. Trying to fit into a clique. You will only be pushing real men away. Be your own woman. Do not succumb to the pressure.