Food For Thought

I have a huge problem with food and no, I am not constipating nor do I lack in appetite. Neither am I hungry. I have a bone to chew (not pun intended ) with foodies . Foodies who plaster it all over our social media to be specific. People who cannot have a plateful of French fries without letting their followers be in the know.
These wannabe foodies and attention seekers will not even utter a word of prayer before snapping a moment of their lifetime and posting it on the gram and Whatsapp status. But on Sunday they will be telling us they pray before anything and put the Mighty God before anything else- well, except their food pics. Come on you can do better than that.
You know what is most annoying? They won’t show you pictures of the day they are feeding on chicken feeds. Once they are in their usual kibandaski munching on chapati maharagwe they will be hiding behind the counter. And you won’t get a selfie for that… But wait on the day they come across the chicken itself. Oh boy! They will go bananas on how they love chicken and a name they cannot even pronounce. Your Instagram will not rest in peace with exotic meals they cannot even name ingredients for. Mouth-watering pictures will literally water your gram in an instant.
Instagram and social media is not another restaurant or food expo where we can go window shopping food. But look, it has become exactly that. Food left, right and center. You’d think you are in the Maldives or a food tasting event upon logging in onto Instagram .
What is more flabbergasting and annoying are all those pathetic adjectives that accompany the photos. Stupid captions and tags will always be in tow.
There are exceptions to this lists. Hotels, restaurants, food joints and their marketers are allowed to plaster food all over their platforms. This is their source of income and livelihood and therefore it’s a marketing strategy.
Come on, it’s food. Eat it. Let it be for Christ’s sake. And stop the braggadocio
Bon appetit.


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