Relationships and  sex is a hard topic to handle.   Societal prejudice and ignorance reckon it taboo. Especially for a single guy.  But wait,  coaches don’t play.  Grab a seat a bottle and read the technical instructions,  from the gaffer.

Besides filters and instagram stories what more do you have to offer in a relationship. Modern day relationships have been twisted and orchestrated to fit social media. It is now an affair between two people,  plus the world. All in the name of love. But really it is just for the likes and instafame.


Most online relationships are a show-off.  A bargaining chip for acceptance into societal bliss of being happy and being content. In most cases,  many are cases of attention seeking,  desperate , insecurity bimbos who just flaunt fake love to get us jealous.

What else can you offer besides posting your partner with silly hashtags such as #mcm,#mce, # wcw,   #baegoals.  Feeding the internet with such things only serves to expose your ignorance and (lack of)  wit.  Your after sex pictures are an exposé of your lack of manners,  to say the least.

Are you there spiritually,  morally,  emotionally or even financially? Taking up these obligations would do your relationship better than building an instagram or facebook  post.  No online appraise can put a smile on your partner’s face than being there.

Ever wondered what happens to people who were once all lovey-dovey on social media then all of a sudden it all disappeared?Dang!   They broke up ! Now imagine the shame of netizens going ham on you about your relationship -you made it their business after all.  All of a sudden you turn into a motivational speaker and start preaching how men are dogs and how women are hoes (shit i disagree with and story for another day) .


Focusing on budding your relationship would be more satisfying to both of you than an instagram story of #yourgoalsaremytbt.  Adding filters to your selfies cuddling is not going to build a relationship.  We will watch your whatsapp status or instagram story and 24 hours later,  it will disappear -from our brains and phones too.  If s/he makes you smile emotionally , spiritually and morally you’ll long for more of that person.

Do not chase 24 hours of fake love.  Chase 24 anniversaries together.  And more.  Do not fall for the trap if all he/ she does is post it up on the gram every moment you are in close proximity. And he/ she disappears when you need them the most.

See you on the other side of bliss.

Rant and love in the comment section.




6 thoughts on “BEYOND FILTERS.”

  1. Am reading for the fourth time now. Everything is perfectly said there’s just nothing to add.
    Lemmi go chase the 24-anniversaries goal meanwhile!


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