Ladies and gentlemen,
Guess you were all waiting for this. Sorry I kept you waiting
I guess we should make this trend  #whiletitwasaway , honestly. #whiletitowasaway, so many exceptional moments took places so did the not so fortunate. Kenyans were so much hyped with Chris  Brown some never got to see;though hawapendi  ujinga.Trump was exposed for  ‘grabbing women by the pussy” and a  lame male rascal was yapping shamelessly on facebook about molesting a minor. And women were exposing men for hitting on them.
To begin with, Chris Brown was a waste of time . You don’t cough up to 50,000 shillings to go stad alone in a concert which should be filled up  with fellow revelers.  Lets say the concert was not meant to be filled  that is why they were charging rocket high prices for the tickets. We all love CB but ata sadaka hatutoangi mingi hivo. Hahaha. Secondly the event organizers got the venue completely wrong. Nairobians are better party animals than the  Coasto people.It would be a  huge uphill task to spill 6000 bob on tickets and still cater for fare to and fro Mombasa and accommodation.
I thank God am not  American . I don’t know how we would survive in the same country with one shitty  Donald Trump. I believe every  American is liberal minded and wotn just vote in Donald Trump . Oldabits die hard that is why he wont respect women and recognize them as valuable human beings even when he assumes Presidency of the free world. Yeah I would vote in Trump for the respect I have for women. Ask Philip Etemesi{pun itended}
Dryspell  is never an excuse for defilement.A fully grown should never take pride in bedding or bushing a a school going child. A man should be able to handle and  convince women his age.Atleastt he should grow some hairy balls and TRY women his age.
Ladies, wherever a man approaches you he got some interest  in you.If he does it  n the streets  in the matatu  or the workplace  get it to your head. Don’t expose him for being a man ; atleast he made an effort.Dont ask him ‘where did you get my number?’ .You maybe pushing your soulmate away. Even if he got it from your mama mboga; guess that is also unprofessional .
Have a good one.Never forget the comments section
Muchas gracias.


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